Firewall monitoring

How can you monitor your firewall?

You can monitor your firewall using our TCP and UDP checks which are part of our ClouDNS Motoring service. In combination with the Open/Closed port option, you can configure a monitor, which periodically checks, if the port on a specific IP is opened or closed. For example, if you want to check whether a port on your server is opened for data transfer, you can create a monitoring check to the IP and port you want to check and choose the option for the port to be open.

Why do you need to start using it?

With firewall monitoring, you will be notified if the specific setting you have made on your firewall is working, as it should. In this way, you will be able to know if your firewall restricts the access to your server on the stated port or if this port is reachable through TCP or UDP.


You can monitor if your firewall is closed for SSH communication. You can achieve this, by creating a TCP monitoring check that checks port 22, if it is closed. If the port is closed you should receive a notification, that the check is UP, if the port is open, you will receive a DOWN notification. In this way, you will know if port 22 of your firewall, which is responsible for SSH communication, is open or closed.


Each Monitoring check provides a debugging option, which you can use to find out where the problem comes from, using Traceroute information - The traceroute command is used to determine the path between two connections. Often, a connection to another device will have to go through multiple routers. The option can be found in the Monitoring check settings page, on the right side of the "Uptime changes section".

Suggested Monitoring check types

Last modified: 2023-01-31
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