Request Parameter Data Types

Although all parameters are sent as strings over HTTP, we have specified the types of parameters used in the HTTP API requests to help you identify the values that can be passed. The HTTP API allows the use of the GET or the POST methods. Requests that require a particular HTTP method will return an error if you do not make your request with the correct method.

  • Boolean: Possible values are true or false.
    Example: ?variable=true
  • Integer: Possible values are positive whole numbers.
    Example: ?variable=1234
  • Float: Possible values are positive numbers with a decimal component.
    Example: ?variable=12.34
  • String: Possible values are context-dependent sequence of characters.
    Example: ?
  • Array: Possible values are any context-dependent collection of values of the same type. Arrays are specified by assigning different values of the same type to the same parameter name multiple times. The order in which values are assigned does not matter.
    Example: ?variable[][][]

Last modified: 2020-01-13
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