DNS zones and how do they count

DNS zones

A DNS zone is the portion of a domain, hosted on a specific name server. Each domain's zone contains the DNS records - the special DNS record type Start of Authority (SOA) and all the other records for the resources described within the zone.

DNS zones for sub-domains

A sub-domain could also have its own DNS zone. Sub-domain DNS zones bring all domain DNS features to the sub-domain level.

How do zones count?

Here at ClouDNS, you can create a Master DNS zone, a Slave zone, a Free zone, a Reverse zone and a Parked zone. Each one of these choices counts as a separate zone, bulk zones and zones for sub-domains also count as separate zones.

NOTE: If you have a registered domain and do not have a zone for that domain, the domain itself does not count as a separate zone.

Last modified: 2021-07-05
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