Q: How many domains can be added with the free account?
A: Free account can add 3 (three) domains.
Q: What are limitations on ClouDNS for the number of requests?
A: There aren't any limitations!
Q: What happens to my domains after expiry of my premium account?
A: Your domains will still work, but you won't be able to add more than 3 domains and you won't be able to use other premium features.
Q: Can i use only 2 (two) DNS servers from all available?
A: Yes, you can add only those servers in your domains that you like.
Q: What information give me the DNS statistics?
A: DNS statistics provide information on the number of request that have our DNS servers for your domain.
Q: Why can't see the hourly DNS statistics?
A: Hourly DNS statistics are a feature only for premium accounts.
Q: Why can't I use the support menu?
A: Support menu is available only fo premium accounts.
Q: Where can I buy a Premium Account?
A: You can buy premium account here: https://www.cloudns.net/premium/
Q: I've made a payment through paypal, but my account isn't upgraded?
A: If your account has not upgrade in the next 1-2 hours after payment, please contact us at support@cloudns.net
Q: What is "DNS branding"?
A: Our DNS servers are ns1.cloudns.net. ns2.*, ns3.* and etc. DNS branding allows you to put our ip addresses on your domain (eg ns1.yourdomain.com, ns2.yourdomain.com etc.) and so our servers look like yours.
Q: What is "Cloud domains"?
A: With the "Cloud domains" feature you can create a cloud from domains with same records.
Q: Do you offer dynamic DNS and how to use it?
A: On every A and AAAA record you will see two blue arrows. When you click on them you will see the DynamicURL for this record. Every time you open this URL the record will be changed to the IP address of the computer the URL is opened from. On this window you will see options to open this link with wget, php and perl scripts automatic.
Q: Is it possible to forward mail to multiple recipients?
A: Yes, it's possible. Just add two or more mail forwards for the same mail box to different recipients.
Q: Some of my mails sent to Gmail accounts are blocked by Gmail and some are not. What should I do?
A: Google recommends to create an SPF/TXT record pointed to "v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ~all".
Q: Do you support DNSSEC?
A: Yes, we support it for Slave/Backup/Secondary DNS zones.