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Zones Import Via Transfer

With this script you can create master DNS zones at ClouDNS system and automatically import the DNS records into the created DNS zones from an external DNS server. You can download it from here.


1. AUTH_ID should be your API user ID.


define("AUTH_ID", 0);

AUTH_PASS should be the password of your API user


define("AUTH_PASS", "xxxxx");

$list is the list with the DNS zones, one per row in format ",IP"


$list = ",,";


When you are ready with your configuration, you can run the script with the following command:

php zones-import-via-transfer.php


The script will output a detailed information for the executed commands, such as whether or not the import was successful.

Possible problems

  • If the API user ID or Password are incorrect, you will get an error message.
  • If there is an invalid row format, you will get an error message.
  • If the zone creation failed, you will get an error message with more details.
  • If the records cannot be import, you will get an error message with more details.

Last modified: 2019-07-04
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