.CN Rules and Requirements

Domain Name Registration

  • A .CN domain name can be Registered for 1 to 10 years.
  • .CN domain names can only contain alphabets a to z, numbers 1 to 9 and hyphens. However, domain names cannot have two hyphens in the third place.
  • The minimum length permitted is 3 characters while the maximum length is 63 characters (excluding the .CN extension).
  • There is no country specific requirement for registering a .CN domain name. However, the following supporting documents need to be provided to complete the Registration process:
    • For Individuals
      • Registrant ID: ID Card / Residence Booklet / Driving License / Passport
    • For Organizations
      • Registrant ID: National ID Card / Residence Booklet / Driving License / Passport
      • Business Certificate: Organization Code Certificate / Enterprise Business Certificate / Certificate of Public Institution or Organization with Legal Person status
  • If the Registrant plans on hosting the domain name in China, he/she needs to ensure that he/she has a valid MIIT ICP Number.
  • All documents need to be emailed in jpeg format to cn-documents@publicdomainregistry.com within 14 days from the time of placing a .CN Registration Order.
  • .CN domain names do not support Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).
  • Upon Registering a .CN domain name, you may not Transfer-Away, until 60 days.

Domain Name Renewal

  • A .CN domain name may be Renewed for 1 to 10 years.
  • Upon Expiry of a .CN domain name:
    • any service such as email, website, etc., configured for this domain name would stop functioning, until the domain name is Renewed.
    • if the .CN domain name is not Renewed until 40 days, the domain name would get Deleted and would slip into Redemption Grace Period.

Domain Name Transfer

  • Transferring a .CN domain name to ClouDNS includes a 1 year Renewal.

  • Inter-Registrar Transfer of a. CN domain name is not possible, if there are less than 15 days to its Expiry.

  • The length of the Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code of a .CN domain name can be from 1 to 16 characters.

Last modified: 2015-12-03
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