Change ownership of a DNS Zone

How to change ownership of a DNS Zone?

Usually, there are a lot of cases when users want to change the ownership of a specific DNS Zone from their account to another. It is easy to be done.

To do it, the customer needs to click on the "Change the owner" button, located between the "Zone shares" and "Delete the zone" buttons in the DNS Zone Control Panel. Then, in the popup window, the customer has to enter the e-mail address and the Customer ID of the other account, which will manage the zone. The customer ID can be obtained from the account settings page, here, under the menu "Account settings":

Once the zone is transferred, the customer will no longer be the owner of the zone and he or she will not be able to edit it.

Changing the ownership of a specific DNS Zone has two differences:

1. If the first and the second account are on the same server stack, the first owner of the zone needs only to confirm the ownership change. It can be done by clicking on the orange confirm button after entering the e-mail address of the second account.

2. If the first and the second account are on different server stacks, the first owner will see the servers where the name servers at the registrar and the NS records in the DNS Zone must be pointed to. This message will be shown after entering the e-mail address of the second account and before the confirmation. When the ownership is changed, the second user needs to make the changes as soon as possible.

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Why and when do I need to change the ownership of a DNS zone?

Changing the ownership of a DNS Zone is an essential task that might be necessary under several circumstances. Here’s why and when such a change might be required:

  • Business Reorganization or Sales: If a business is undergoing restructuring or is being sold, the ownership of DNS Zones may need to be transferred to reflect the new management or ownership structure.
  • Service Provider Changes: Switching to a different hosting provider or DNS service may require transferring DNS Zones to ensure that the domains continue to resolve correctly under the new provider's management.
  • Policy or Compliance Requirements: Certain industries might have legal or regulatory requirements that necessitate changes in control of IT assets, including DNS Zones, to comply with data governance or cybersecurity policies.
  • Operational Efficiency: Sometimes, it's necessary to transfer DNS Zones to different accounts within the same organization to streamline operations or align with internal changes in IT infrastructure or team responsibilities.
  • Personal Changes: For domains owned by individuals, changes such as the sale of a domain name, changes in partnership, or estate planning might require DNS Zone ownership transfers.

Last modified: 2024-05-17
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