WHMCS Provisioning module change log

WHMCS Provisioning module for ClouDNS provides full functionality for creating of DNS hosting products in WHMCS connected to ClouDNS.

Change log

2023-03-07 - version 1.7

  • Support for CERT, LOC, HINFO, OPENPGPKEY, PTR, DNAME and SMIMEA records
  • WHMCS v8.6 support
  • PHP 8 support
  • UI bugfixes and improvements

2021-05-26 - version 1.6 - DS records support and improvements

  • DS records support for the primary zones
  • UI improvements and bug fixes for the default template in the new WHMCS versions
  • WHMCS v8 support

2019-09-19 - version 1.5 - DNS Failover & DNSSEC support

2019-01-09 - version 1.4

  • Additonal Security updates
  • Option to define a zone which will be used as record template for the new zones created within the module
  • Added hook for Registered domains mode a zone to be created during the domain registration

2018-11-27 - version 1.3

  • Important security updates
  • Added support for CAA records

2017-04-26 - version 1.2 - Performance upgrade

  • Large performance update of the whole module. Improves the speed in times.
  • Status page no more shows *.cloudns.net server names when you are with own branded server names.
  • Option to configure a DNS hosting product for the registered domains only. Read more here.
  • Bug fixes

2017-01-12 - version 1.1 - IDN

  • The IDN functionality is updated to optional, because it requires an additional PHP intl module

2017-01-05 - version 1.0 - Release

  • Initial release with full functionality for creating of DNS hosting products in WHMCS connected to ClouDNS by the HTTP API
  • Custom limit of DNS zones
  • Support for Primary and Secondary DNS zones for domain names and Reverse DNS
  • Support of all types of DNS records
  • IDN support

Last modified: 2023-03-07
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