What is NAPTR Record?

NAPTR records are most commonly used for applications in Internet telephony - in the mapping of servers and user addresses in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).
The combination of NAPTR records with Service Records (SRV) allows the chaining of multiple records to form complex rewrite rules which produce new domain labels or uniform resource identifiers (URIs).

The NAPTR record has the following look in your ClouDNS Control Panel:

Host Type: Points to: TTL: NAPTR 1 1 "" "123" "regular" . 3600

How to add it?

Go to your Control Panel and click on “Add new record”. Type, as follows:

TTL: 1 Hour
Host: example
Order: (from 0 to 65535)
Preference: (from 0 to 65535)
Flag: (empty or U, S, A,P)
Protocol Resolution Service: from 0 to 32 symbols
Regular Expression: someregex
Replacement: somerep

Note: The Regular Expression and the Replacement cannot be used both or left empty.

The NAPTR Record is not presented for the Free Customers. If you want to use it, you need to choose one of our Premium DNS or DDoS Protected DNS Plans.

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