How to change the verification mail and how to verify SSL certificate


In this article we will explain how to change your verification mail for your certificate and how to permit your certificate's issuance.
Sometimes people by mistake, choose their certificate's verification mail boxes, before checking do they really have access to them. If this happens to you, there is nothing to be worried about, you can change your verification mail box by following just a few simple steps, explained below.

How to change the verification mail of SSL certificate

1. You should log in with your ClouDNS account and click on "Resend verification mail", located to the right of your certificate's icon, in the "SSL Certificates" pane, located in the Dashboard.
2. In the newly opened dialog box, you can choose between the possible mail boxes, that can be set as verification mails for SSL certificate.
3. After you have chosen the mail box, to which you want to change your certificate's verification mail you need to check just below, to confirm that you have access to the mail box, that you have chosen.
4. Finally, you can click the "Submit" button and your certificate's verification mail will be changed, as you requested.

NOTE: When you change your certificate's verification mail, a new verification mail will be sent to the specified mail box.

How to verify SSL certificate

1. Open up the mail box, that you have chosen for your certificate's verification mail.
2. There you should find an e-mail from Sectigo with a verification code, instructions and a link to follow for verification.
3. When you click on the link, you will be asked to input the verification code, that you have received in the mail.
4. Once you input the code in Sectigo's page, your certificate's issuance will be permitted.

Last modified: 2020-03-12
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