The articles here will show you how you can use various network tools to check your DNS. With these tools, you can find which name servers are responsible for your domain name, with which IP address a domain name is associated with, check if a zone exist on a name server and much more. Every example in this category contains a sample input and output.

What is DIG?

DIG (domain information groper) is a network administration tool available mostly in *NIX-based operating systems. It is useful for network troubleshooting and for educational purposes. When a specific name server is not specified in the command invocation, it will use the operating systems default resolver, usually configured via the resolv.conf file. Without any arguments it queries the DNS root zone.


NSLOOKUP is a network administration tool that is available on almost every operating system. NSLOOKUP does not use the operating system's local Domain Name System resolver library to perform its queries, and thus may behave differently from DIG.

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