What is DNSSEC and why it is so important for DNS?

In the early days, when DNS was not secured at all, regular Internet users have been exposed to DNS attacks. Using varies methods (such as DNS spoofing, man-in-the-middle attacks, etc.), hackers can manipulate the DNS answer and the unsuspecting Internet user can be redirected to a fraudulent site.

For that reason, DNSSEC was developed. In general, it adds security to the Domain Name System in order to prevent the ability to manipulate or poisoning the responses to DNS requests.

You can read more what is DNSSEC and how it works at this page.

Can I enable DNSSEC for my domains using ClouDNS?

Yes, you can. Security of our customers' DNS is part of our top priorities. For that reason, at ClouDNS we have made everything so easy that everyone can handle the activation process. DNSSEC is included to all of our DNS hosting plans - Premium DNS, DDoS Protected DNS, and GeoDNS.

How can I activate it?

DNSSEC is available for any of your Master zones, Master Reverse zones and Master Enum zones.

In order to activate DNSSEC for your domain, go to your DNS zone management page and find the "DNSSEC" button. It is located on the upper-hand section, just between "DNS Records" and "SOA settings" buttons.

Once you enter in the DNSSEC page, you will notice the "ACTIVATE DNSSEC" button. You can't miss it. By pressing the button, the activation of your DNSSEC will begin. The system will start generating the keys and signatures of your zone. This may take a few minutes.

RRSIG records will be generated and applied in the back-end. DS Records and DNSKEY Records will be generated as well and they will be visible at the DNSSEC section of your DNS zone

All you need to do is to configure the same DS Records at your domain provider. In case your domain name is registered with ClouDNS, just contact our support team regarding this matter. Our highly qualified support is online for you 24/7 by live chat and tickets.

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