Telegram notifications

If you want to receive Telegram notifications about the status of your monitoring checks, you can achieve this by using Webhook.

You can see the full documentation of the API bot of Telegram from here.

What steps need to be done for you to receive Telegram notifications:

  1. Start a chat with the chatbot BotFather:

  2. Create a new bot from the menu or by using the command /newbot

  3. Get the token for the bot from the menu of BotFather or by using the command /mybots.

  4. Create a new group chat and invite your new bot there.

  5. Invite in the group chat the special bot RawDataBot. This bot will send a message in the group chat with the data of the group, after that you can turn it off from the group.

  6. Get the chat Id from the data which the RawDataBot has sent. In the section chat, there is an Id which is the identification of the group chat. Usually, it is a negative number.

  7. Create a new Webhook UP or Down event with a similar URL structure:{TOKEN}/sendMessage?chat_id={CHAT_ID}&text="{MESSAGE}"

Example message for UP notification:"your monitoring for IP is up"

Last modified: 2022-08-17
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