Records deactivation/activation

Turn on records deactivation

At ClouDNS we offer a special feature that allows you to deactivate records which you temporary do not need. To use it, you have to activate it from your Profile settings. Then, in section "Web settings" check "Disable records and zones" and click on "Save".

How to deactivate/activate records

Once ready, you will see a pause icon on the right of each record. In order to deactivate it, you have to click on this icon. The record will not be removed from your DNS zone, but temporary inactive and the pause icon will be replaced by play icon. If you would like to activate the record, you have to click on the play icon. You can also use our HTTP API method.

Colliding records

Once you deactivate a record, you may face issues when you try to activate it again. This happens when you have created a record, which cannot co-exist with the currently inactive record. For example, there was a CNAME record in your DNS zone for host "www" which was deactivated and you have added an A record for host "www". If you try to activate the CNAME record for this host, while the A record for the same host is active, you will see the following error: "There is another record for the same host" as CNAME cannot co-exist with other records for the same host. You will have to deactivate or delete the A record, before you activate the CNAME record.

Last modified: 2019-10-28
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