Dynamic DNS configuration with DD-WRT

Pre-configuration requirements

Navigate to the zone you wish to connect with Dynamic URL. Find or create an A or AAAA record, that is going to be dynamically updated, and click on the arrows icon (Active Dynamic URL). Then, click on Activate it button and a new window will appear, with example scripts, used for record update. Depending on the record type, A or AAAA, copy the first example, which looks like this:




  • These are sample URLs. You should use the URL's from your own records.

  • IPv6 is not supported by all DD-WRT versions by default. If your current firmware doesn't support IPv6, then an additional script should be placed in your Administration >> Management module. There are various open-source scripts available at world wide web. In this article, we will focus on DDNS using IPv4.

Custom Service Type configuration using DD-WRT web interface

Once you have the Dynamic DNS update URL, open your DD-WRT Control Panel. Navigate “Setup” >> “DDNS”. In the “Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)” section, please configure as follows:

DDNS Service: Custom

DYNDNS Server ipv4.cloudns.net

Username: yourmail@mail.com

Password: ********

Hostname: hostname.cloudns.net

URL: https://ipv4.cloudns.net/api/dynamicURL/?q=YOUR-STRING-HERE


  • For “Username” and “Password” you must use your ClouDNS login credentials.

  • In the “Hostname” field you must type the hostname, for which the Dynamic DNS feature is activated.

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