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Change record's status


Changes the status of the record to active or inactive


Name Data Type Status Description
auth-id or sub-auth-id or sub-auth-user Integer Required Authentication parameter
auth-password String Required Authentication parameter
domain-name String Required Domain name to change the status of
record-id String Required Record ID. You can see this ID with the method List records
status Integer Optional Set to 1, to activate or to 0 to deactivate the record. If omitted the status will be toggled.

Return: Array with status and status description.


When the authenctication of API user is not correct, any API request will fail with the following status and statusDescription:

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"Invalid authentication, incorrect auth-id or auth-password."}

In case the credentials of API sub user are invalid, the following status and statusDescription will be returned:

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"Invalid authentication, incorrect sub-auth-id, sub-auth-user or auth-password."}

When invalid or non-existant domain-name is entered, the following status will be returned:

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"Missing domain-name"}

If incorrect value is entered for record-id, the following status will be returned:.

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"Invalid record-id param."}

If invalid, or different than the suggested values (0 or 1), is entered for status parameter, the record status will always be changed to "deactivated".

Note: These are example errors in JSON format.




Last modified: 2020-01-13
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