What is an IPv6 address? [Fully explained]

DNS, Internet

IPv6 represents the newer generation of technology and development. The older version of IP – IPv4 is still very popular, but its...

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DDoS attacks and how to protect ourselves


DDoS Attacks are widespread threats on the Internet. With the continually increasing numbers of connected devices and new innovative ways...

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What is Domain Name Resolution?

Domain names, Internet

Domain name resolution is the process by which internet users receive the address of the domain they were looking for. To be more precise,...

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What is TLD?

DNS, Domain names • One Comment

The TLD is one of the fundamental things you will have to consider when choosing a domain name once you want to create your website. But...

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DDI explained in detail

DNS, Internet, Protocols

It is usually possible to hear the acronym DDI commonly mentioned when discussing network optimization. The funny thing is that it actually...

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What is a DNS outage (DNS downtime), and how to avoid it?

DDoS, DNS, DNS Records, Domain names, Load balancing

Knowing what DNS is can already show you the answer to what DNS outage is. The clients won’t resolve your domain name, so they will get...

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What is SSH?


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