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Modify mail forward


Modify mail forward of domain zone.


Name Data Type Status Description
auth-id or sub-auth-id or sub-auth-user Integer Required Authentication parameter
auth-password String Required Authentication parameter
domain-name String Required Domain name for which will be added this mail forward
box String Required Name of the mail box which you want to forward
host String Required Host of the mailbox. It should be empty, if you want mail forward to be for your main domain name
destination String Required E-mail address to which will be forwarded incoming mails
mail-forward-id Integer Required Mail forward ID from List mail forwards

 Return: Array with status and status description.


When the authenctication of API user is not correct, any API request will fail with the following status and statusDescription:

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"Invalid authentication, incorrect auth-id or auth-password."}

In case the credentials of API sub user are invalid, the following status and statusDescription will be returned:

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"Invalid authentication, incorrect sub-auth-id, sub-auth-user or auth-password."}

When invalid or non-existant domain-name is entered, the following status will be returned:

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"Missing domain-name"}

When one of the box, host and destination parameters is not valid, the API request will fail and the following status and statusDescription will be returned:

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"box: / host: / destination: is an invalid prefix / subdomain / e-mail address."}

When mail-forward-id parameter is invalid or incorrect, the API request will fail and the following status and statusDescription will be returned:

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"Invalid forward-id."}

Note: These are example errors in JSON format.




Last modified: 2020-01-13
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