Webhook UP/DOWN notifications

We support Webhook UP/DOWN event notifications. If your monitoring check status changes to UP or DOWN a specific URL will be open depending on the status change. If the monitoring check changes its status to UP - the URL from the Webhook UP notification will be opened and if the status is DOWN - the URL from the Webhook Down notification will be opened.

How to create a Webhook UP/Down notification

  1. Create a monitoring check
  2. When you enter the monitoring check, there is a notifications area. There you can add different notification methods. Click on the create new notification button.
  3. For Type choose from the dropdown menu either Webhook UP event or Webhook Down event. If you need to be notified when your monitoring check status is UP, you can use Webhook UP event and if you want to be notified when your monitoring check is DOWN you can use Webhook Down event.
  4. In the URL input write the URL for UP or DOWN notification.
  5. Click on create new notification button and the notification method will be created.
  6. You can review the notification method you have added from the Notifications area in your monitoring check.

Last modified: 2022-08-30
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