SSHFP Record

The SSHFP record contains fingerprints for public keys, used for Secure Shell (SSH). The SSHFP record is usually used with DNSSEC enabled domains. When a SSH client connects to a server it checks the corresponding SSHFP record. If the records fingerprint matches the servers, the server is legit and it is not a problem and it is safe to connect to it.

The SSHFP Record has the following look in your Control Panel:

This special record contains the following attributes:

1. RSA;
2. DSA;
These three kinds of algorithms are represented by an integer.

Fingerprint type:
1. SHA-1;
2. SHA-256.
The two kinds of fingerprints are represented by an integer.

How to add it?
Go to your Control Panel, click on "Add new record" and type, as follow:
Algorithm: choose from RSA, DSA or ECDSA;
Fingerprint type: choose from SHA-1 or SHA-256;
Points to: pointedtothefingerprint

How to add a SSHFP record - Step by Step video:

Last modified: 2021-07-01
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