How to order SSL certificate

1. Make an order for your certificate from this page:

or by clicking on the link [Register new] next to SSL Certificates in your Dashboard.

You will find your certificate under SSL Certificates in your Dashboard.

2. Next you have to generate your CSR code.

3. Submit your CSR code, by clicking on Submit CSR link that is located on the right side of your certificate in your Dashboard.

Please bear in mind, if you order EV SSL certificate, you have to submit additional data along with CSR, like Country, Agreement mail, Adress and ZIP.

4. You will receive an email from Sectigo for authentication. After your authentication, they will issue your certificate and will send it to you.

EV SSL certificates require additional verification steps, so please make sure you check your email and agreement email address.

5. You may obtain your certificate, by clicking on CRT link on the right side of the certificate in your Dashboard.

6. Install the certificate on your web server.

Last modified: 2020-03-12
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