What is SRV Record?

The SRV Record is a specification of data in the Domain Name System (DNS) defining the location (i.e. the hostname and port number) of servers for specified services.

The service of SRV record has the following components:

Service: The symbolic name of the desired service.
Protocol: The transport protocol of the desired service; this is usually either TCP or UDP.
Name: The domain name for which this record is valid, ending in a dot.
TTL: The standard DNS time to live field.

The SRV record has the following look in your ClouDNS Control Panel:

Host: Type: Points to: TTL
_service._protocol e.g.: _sip._tcp* SRV hostnameofthemashine.com. 1 Hour

How to add it?
Go to your Control Panel and click on “Add new record”. Type, as follow:
Type: SRV
Host: _service._protocol e.g.: _sip._tcp*
Priority: (From 0 to 65535) The priority of the target host, lower value means more preferred.
Weight: (From 0 to 65535) A relative weight for records with the same priority, higher value means more preferred.
Port: (From 0 to 65535) The TCP or UDP port on which the service is to be found.
Points to: The canonical hostname of the machine providing the service, ending in a dot.

*This hostname is used as an example.

How to add SRV record - Step by Step video:

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