ClouDNS is at the forefront of delivering advanced, technical solutions designed to bolster the security, reliability, and efficiency of online operations within the domain and DNS management sphere. This section delves into the pivotal features ClouDNS offers, engineered for optimal performance and user-centric management.


In the digital realm where domain and service expirations can lead to significant operational disruptions, ClouDNS introduces an Auto-Renewal feature. This system autonomously renews DNS Hosting packages, Domain registrations, and SSL Certificates, negating the potential for lapses in service due to overlooked renewal deadlines. Configuration of Auto-Renewal requires verification of a default payment method within the "Billing" interface, after which users can activate this feature for their services, ensuring continuity and reliability.

Zone Shares

The Zone Shares functionality within ClouDNS permits the delegation of DNS zone management privileges to third parties. This facilitates a distributed management model, allowing designated users to perform record modifications within specific DNS zones without granting full ownership rights. Implementation of Zone Shares is streamlined via the ClouDNS dashboard, offering a scalable solution for managing access to DNS configurations, with no restrictions on the number of zones that can be shared, even within free account tiers.

DNS Branding

DNS Branding, or Vanity DNS, offers the capability to customize DNS server names with your own domain, enhancing the brand's visibility across the internet infrastructure. This feature allows for the mapping of ClouDNS server IP addresses to user-defined domain names, creating a seamless brand experience. To enable DNS Branding, users must configure Child Name Servers and corresponding A records, a process facilitated through comprehensive guides available in the ClouDNS dashboard.


For users managing an extensive portfolio of domain names, DNS zones, and SSL certificates, the Groups feature introduces an organizational paradigm that allows for efficient categorization and management. This feature simplifies the operational overhead associated with managing large sets of internet resources by allowing users to cluster these assets into user-defined groups. The Groups feature can be activated within the web settings panel, with intuitive UI elements provided for the creation, modification, and management of groups directly from the user dashboard.

Free SSL

Acknowledging the critical importance of securing domain communications, ClouDNS extends the provision of Free SSL certificates for domains under its management. This offering, encompassing certificates from ZeroSSL and Let's Encrypt, supports both wildcard and specific subdomain configurations, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Activation of Free SSL certificates is accessible through the DNS zone management interface, streamlining the process of implementing SSL/TLS encryption for secure data transmission.

Last modified: 2024-04-12
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