Get monitoring check


Get all the information for a monitoring check


Name Data Type Status Description
auth-id Integer Required Authentication parameter
auth-password String Required Authentication parameter
id Integer Required The ID of the monitoring check

Return:  All the information for a specific check.


When the authentication of API user is not correct, any API request will fail with the following status and statusDescription:

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"Invalid authentication, incorrect auth-id or auth-password."}

If the entered record-id of the monitoring check is invalid, the following status will be returned:

{"status":"Failed","statusDescription":"Invalid request."}

Note: These are example errors in JSON format, and these are not the only errors that can be displayed.


POST/GET: auth-id=0&auth-password=password&id=12

POST/GET: auth-id=0&auth-password=password&id=12

Last modified: 2022-04-28
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