How to generate CSR on Windows?

Once you order an SSL certificate, you need to generate a Certificate Signature Request (CSR). Here are the steps you need to follow do generate it on your Windows machine:

  1. Press the Windows Key and type Windows Features
  2. Select the first entry Turn Windows Features On or Off.
  3. Make sure the box next to Internet Information Services (IIS) is checked.
  4. If it is not checked, check it, click OK and wait for a while. This might take a few minutes, but this will install everything you need to use IIS.
  5. Open Windows Control Panel, navigate to Administrative Tools and start Internet Information Services .
  6. Click Server Name.
  7. From the center menu, double-click the "Server Certificates" button in the "Security" section.
  8. Select "Actions" menu (on the right), click on "Create Certificate Request".
    This will open the Request Certificate wizard.
  9. In the "Distinguished Name Properties" window, enter the information as follows:
    The Common Name field should be the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or the web address for which you plan to use your IIS SSL Certificate. You will need to insure that the common name submitted in the CSR is the correct domain name / FQDN that you intend to use the certificate for. For wildcard SSL certificates the common name should contain at least one asterisks (*) e.g. *,*, etc
  10. Enter Organisation and Organisation Unit, these are your company name and department respectively.
  11. Enter your City/locality, State/province and Country/region.
  12. Click Next.
  13. In the "Cryptographic Service Provider Properties" window, Leave Cryptographic Service provider Default (Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider) Change the Bit Length to (2048) then Click Next.
  14. Enter a filename and location to save your CSR. You will need this CSR to enroll for your IIS SSL Certificate.
  15. Click Finish.
    Your new CSR is now contained within the file with the filename that you have entered.
  16. When you make your application, make sure you include the CSR in its entirety into the appropriate section of the enrollment form - including
  17. Click Next
  18. Confirm your details in the enrollment form
  19. Finish

To save your private key:

  1. Go to: Certificates snap in in the MMC
  2. Select Requests
  3. Select All tasks
  4. Select Export

Last modified: 2020-07-14
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