WHMCS Translation

Currently our WHMCS provisioning module is in English language. Since it is open source, you are free to translate it in every language that fits your needs.

API responses

Our API supports every language available at ClouDNS web page. In case you would like to change also the API response language, you have to add lang=desired_lang_code in the API call. To do so, we recommend to add the lang parameter in cloudns_core/api.php in the authentication line. For example, if you would like to get API responses in German language, the authentication line must be:

$authData = array('auth-id' => $auth_id , 'auth-password' => $auth_password, 'lang'=>'de');

Language codes

 en  English (EN)
 ru  Русский (RU)
de   Deutsch (DE)
 fr  Français (FR)
ro   Română (RO)
bg   Български (BG)
es   Español (ES)
pt   Português (PT)
it   Italiano (IT)
pl   Polski (PL)
sk   Slovenský (SK)
ua   Українська (UA)
tr   Türkçe (TR)
jp   日本語 (JP)
hi   हिंदी (HI)
id   Bahasa Indonesia (ID)
cht   繁體中文 (CHT)
chs   简体中文 (CHS)
ir   فارسی (IR)
vn   Tiếng Việt (VN)
hu   Magyar (HU)

Last modified: 2020-06-15
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