What is a DNAME record?

The DNAME record provides redirection from a part of the DNS name tree to another part of the DNS name tree. The DNAME and CNAME records both cause a lookup to (potentially) return data corresponding to a domain name different from the queried domain name. The difference between the two resource records is that the CNAME directs the lookup of data at its owner to another single name, whereas a DNAME directs lookups for data at descendants of its owner's name to corresponding names under a different (single) node of the tree.

The DNAME record has the following look in your DNS zone management page:

Host Type Points to TTL
www.domain.net DNAME hostname.com 1 Hour

How to create a DNS DNAME record?

Log in to your ClouDNS account, enter your DNS zone management page, and click on the Add new record button. For Type choose "DNAME" and type as follow:

  • Type: DNAME
  • TTL: 1 hour
  • Host: www
  • Points to: hostname.com

*This hostname is used as an example.

How to start managing DNAME records for your domain name?

  1. Create a free account from, here - free forever
  2. Verify your e-mail address
  3. Log into your control panel
  4. Create a new Master DNS from the [add new] button - check a tutorial, here
  5. Add the DNAME records you need, as it is described in this article.


Support of DNAME records

ClouDNS provides full support for DNAME records for all our DNS services, including the listed below. Just write to our technical support, if you need any assistance with your DNAME records configuration. Our Technical Support team is online for you 24/7 via live chat and tickets.

Last modified: 2022-01-11
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