Parked Zone

What is Parked Zone?

A Parked zone, often referred to as a "parked domain" or "parking domain," is a domain that is registered but not actively associated with any specific website or online service. The domain name is temporarily "parked" at a specific location until it is ready to use or redirected to another website or server. 

Instead of directing visitors to a functioning website, a parked domain typically displays a placeholder page or minimal content. It allows you to use a simple web page with a contact form, title and description for your domain names if you sell them or your website is not ready yet. The Domain Parking service includes different templates with simple messages like "Under Construction" or "Domain for sale" and is free of charge for all our customers.

How to add a Parked zone?

You can add your Parked zone in several easy steps:  

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click on the DNS zones [Add new] link.
  3. Click on the Parked Zone box. 
  4. Choose the name servers you wish to use. 
  5. Enter the domain name.
  6. Click on "Create".

How to add Parked DNS zone at ClouDNS - Step by Step

Why Use Parked DNS Zones?

Parked zones serve several purposes for domain owners:

  • Domain Reservation: You can secure a domain name you plan to use in the future. That way, you prevent others from registering the domain.
  • Generate Revenue: Parked domains can display advertisements, generating revenue for domain owners. This is known as domain monetization.
  • Brand Protection: Companies often park variations of their brand domain names to prevent cybersquatting or misuse.
  • Holding for Future Use: If you're working on a website or project, you can park the domain temporarily until you're ready to launch.


Question: Can I still use email with a Parked zone? 

Answer: Yes, you can usually use email services with a Parked DNS zone. Ensure that your DNS records include the necessary MX (Mail Exchanger) records pointing to your email server.

Question: How long can a DNS zone be parked?

Answer: You can park a DNS zone for as long as you need, but it's typically a temporary solution. Make sure to renew the parked status as needed.

Question: Can I still manage my domain's DNS settings while it's parked?

Answer: Yes, you can access and modify your domain's DNS settings even while it's parked. You can modify the DNS records, like adding or updating MX records for email services, TXT records for verification purposes, or CNAME records for subdomains.

Last modified: 2023-09-15
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