Reseller's panel

In this article, we will introduce you to our Reseller's Panel and its functionalities. The panel can be reached on URL:

The Reseller's Panel is a powerful DNS management tool, specially developed for the reseller activities of our customers. It has a clean design and it can be customized.

There can be placed a logo of your company at the header section. Just upload the logo on your server and send the URL to our Technical Support Department. That's how your business will be more recognizable and distinguished. Also, the default URL can be masked with a customized URL of your domain via CNAME Record ( for example: ).

And this is only the surface.

The Log-in parameters include Username / ID and Password. These parameters can be set up from the API sub-users section of your API Settings management page. The API sub-users can be limited to the number of zones, the amount of mail forwards and to which zones they have access to.

It all depends on you. It's your panel, and you are the chief.

Once your customers are logged in, they have pretty much same rights as any regular user. They can create DNS zones from the [Add new] zones link. The available options for zone creation are: Master, Slave/Backup, Master Reverse, Slave reverse. All of the supported DNS records can be added. And do not forget, you are still the supervisor of your panel and everything inside it.

In conclusion, the Reseller's Panel is developed in order to satisfy our resellers needs. Click here to take a look and get an advantage of it.

Last modified: 2022-09-21
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