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We are thrilled to announce an expansion of our Anycast DNS network with new PoPs in Poland and Switzerland. These strategic locations are designed to enhance our network capabilities and provide our customers with improved performance and connectivity.

In Poland, DC Mevspace 1 in Wyszkow is now our primary PoP, ensuring direct connectivity to major Tier 1 providers and internet exchanges TPIX and Thinx. Additionally, Korbank DC in Wroclaw serves as our second PoP, enhancing local coverage and speed with connections to key Tier 1 providers and exchanges TPIX, EPIX, and WRIX.

In Switzerland, our servers find a new home in the Interxion ZUR1 data center in Zurich. With network upstream Zare, we gain access to major telecom providers and SwissIX. This new PoP enables us to deliver maximum speed and performance for our customers throughout the country.

*Please note: The PoPs in Gdansk, Poland, and Lausanne, Switzerland, will no longer be active as we focus on optimizing our network for an even better performance.

Experience the next level of connectivity and performance with our expanded Anycast DNS network!

Thank you for choosing ClouDNS! Stay tuned for more interesting news from us!

Exciting news for ClouDNS Premium account users!

We're thrilled to introduce the Dynamic DNS History feature, designed to empower your network management. Now, you can easily track IP address change, making it a breeze to identify and resolve network and configuration issues promptly.

What's even better? This feature seamlessly integrates with our API, enabling you to automate tasks and conduct in-depth analysis of your DNS configurations.

Upgrade your account to Premium (if you are not already) to unlock the power of Dynamic DNS new feature and stay ahead in network management!

Exciting news! We're expanding our network with a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Salt Lake City, Utah. This strategic location boosts our network performance and speed in the central United States.

Our new PoP facilitates direct access to major Tier 1 providers, Telia and Cogent. This collaboration enhances communications within North America, specifically the central area of the United States.

The strategic placement makes this location an essential point that assists in boosting our network functionality. The partnership with Objx allows us to provide faster, more efficient services to our customers all over North America.

This expansion hints at our dedication to offer seamless network performance consistently. Check out our Anycast DNS Network to learn more!

Thank you for your continuous trust and support!

UPDATE: Maintenance is completed.



The ClouDNS team always works hard to ensure you receive the highest quality service possible, and we want to inform you of an upcoming scheduled maintenance event. On October 14th at 07:00 UTC, we will be undergoing website and API maintenance for approximately 3 hours. The goal is to implement server upgrades and enhance scalability to serve you better.

During this brief maintenance window, certain features will be temporarily unavailable:

  • Creation and updates of DNS zones and DNS records.
  • Failover and monitoring checks.

Please be prepared for possible connectivity disruptions to both our website and API during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we improve our infrastructure.

We would like to reassure you that the following services will continue to operate seamlessly and remain unaffected:

  • DNS queries
  • DNS transfers
  • Mail forwards
  • Web redirects
  • Parking pages

The ClouDNS team is aware of the importance of having an uninterrupted service. Therefore, we are committed to completing this maintenance as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and for choosing our services!

At ClouDNS, we are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced tools and services. Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to our Reseller panel!

With our latest update, sub-users can now manage the domains that have been delegated to them by the resellers. Whereas previously, sub-users were only afforded the ability to control DNS zones, now they hold the power to manage domains. This gives them the ability to modify a variety of parameters, including:

  • Contact details
  • Privacy Protection
  • Theft protection
  • Name servers
  • Child name servers

This outstanding level of control is particularly beneficial for large corporations that need to delegate access to specific domains or resellers who give their clients access to their domains.

Explore these latest features and more on our Reseller Dashboard. Get to know more about the ClouDNS Reseller panel!

Stay tuned for more updates! We are committed to constant innovation and enhancing our services to provide superior user experiences.

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Anycast network infrastructure with the establishment of a new Point of Presence (POP) in Santiago, Chile! This exciting development positions us at the heart of connectivity in the region, offering enhanced services and greater accessibility.

Our new POP is strategically located within the DC of ZGH in Santiago. This modern data center provides impeccable connectivity, serving as a vital hub for all major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Chile. With over 50 Private Network Interconnections (PNIs) to various local ISPs and connections to all Tier I providers in the country, including Telxius, Sparkle, Cogent, Cirion/Level3, and HE, it ensures robust and seamless network performance.

But that's not all! We are proud to maintain a direct connection with IXPChile, ensuring that domestic traffic flows effortlessly within the country, delivering lightning-fast query speeds for our valued clients.

We are dedicated to delivering top-tier service and look forward to serving you even better through this new POP in Santiago.

Learn more about ClouDNS Anycast DNS Network!

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Thank you for your trust and support!

The ClouDNS team has some great news! We are proud to share with you our latest establishment - a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This strategic expansion enhances ClouDNS's network infrastructure and highlights the commitment to delivering top-tier services to our clients.

The IPXON data centre, situated in the heart of Buenos Aires, offers exceptional connectivity to the primary network providers in Argentina, including Level3, Globenet, CABASE, Claro Argentina, and Telecom Argentina.

With this expansion, ClouDNS now covers nearly 100% of all traffic in Argentina locally, further enhancing the company's ability to provide seamless and secure online experiences to its users. This PoP not only strengthens ClouDNS's presence in Latin America but also supports its global network, offering enhanced service reliability and speed to clients worldwide.

We continue to invest in expanding our global Anycast DNS network and deliver superior network services, ensuring optimal performance, security, and reliability for our customers worldwide.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and impressive developments!

The ClouDNS team is happy to introduce a new feature that gives authority to our clients like never before. You are now able to grant read only access to API sub-users, enhancing security and control over your DNS management experience.

Now, our valued clients can provide limited access to the ClouDNS Reseller Panel to sub-users who need to view but not modify their DNS data. That way, they can view the needed information and data without the risk of unauthorized modifications.

This feature is excellent for organizations wanting to simplify their workflows, improve accountability, and protect their data.

Learn more about becoming a ClouDNS reseller!

We are committed to constantly improving our services to meet your needs. This feature is just one of many exciting developments we have in store for you.

Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to make your experience with ClouDNS even better!

We are happy to announce significant updates to our Monitoring service. These updates aim to provide more in-depth and timely information about your network performance.

ICMP Ping monitoring - Latency and Packet loss

Our Ping monitoring check now includes two new metrics:

  • Latency - allows you to measure the latency of the packets, helping you assess the speed of your network.
  • Packet loss - indicates the percentage of packets that are lost during the ping, giving you an insight into the quality of your network.

Timing measurement for various monitoring checks

For our HTTP/HTTPS, TCP, UDP, and SSL checks, we have introduced a new metric to display the time required to complete the network request. The time is displayed for each check in the monitoring history, offering a better understanding of your service's performance from different locations.

DNS monitoring - Query time

For the DNS check, we have added an option to see the query time required to complete the DNS request. Query time is recorded for each monitoring check and visible in the monitoring history, allowing for more precise monitoring of your DNS performance.

Regex for HTTP and HTTPS custom strings

For the custom HTTP(S) monitoring, we have added the functionality to use regular expressions (regex). This advanced feature allows you to specify a custom match of the content based on your own regex when crawling web pages. In addition to regex, you can set your check with a Keyword or Exact match.

Ready to explore the enhancements? Head over to our Monitoring service to dive in.

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Exciting news from the ClouDNS team! We announce the establishment of a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Amsterdam, Netherlands! This is our second PoP, which solidifies our strong presence in Europe and exceptional connectivity for our valued clients.

Located in Amsterdam's Equinix АМ7 data centre, our new PoP supports our regional presence, offering essential interconnections to major providers worldwide.

Partnering with Path Network provides us with direct connectivity to the largest internet exchange in the Netherlands - AMS-IX, boosting our network performance and DDoS protection. Collaborating with premium Tier 1 providers such as GTT, NTT, and Telia further expands our network reach and improves bandwidth capacity.

The new PoP in the Netherlands demonstrates our commitment to growth, customer satisfaction, and delivering reliable connectivity solutions.

Learn more about ClouDNS global Anycast network!

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