Cloud Domains

Cloud Domains is a feature provided by ClouDNS that facilitates the centralized management of DNS records across multiple domains. By designating one domain as the master domain, users can apply DNS record changes to this master and have them automatically propagated to all other domains within the Cloud Domains setup. This functionality is particularly useful for managing large numbers of domains that require identical DNS configurations.

What Are Cloud (Bulk) Domains?

Cloud Domains (Bulk Domains) allow the aggregation of multiple domains under a single master domain, ensuring any DNS record adjustments to the master are automatically reflected across the associated domains.  If you have many domains with the same records, you can add them to the cloud of After that, if you make any changes to the records of, all the changes of it will be reflected to your cloud domains. For example: If you have many domains, pointed to the same IP address, you can use Cloud domains. This feature is essential for administrators looking to maintain consistent DNS settings across multiple domains efficiently.

Steps to Setup Cloud Domains 

Step 1: Create a Master DNS Zone

To use this feature, you need first to create a Master DNS Zone. When your zone is created, you will be able to add all of your domains in Cloud domains and they will have the same records as your master domain. When you change any of the records in your master zone, the changes will reflect to all of the domains in your Cloud.

If you don't know how to create Master DNS zone, you can check it here.

Step 2: Navigate to the Cloud Domains Feature

Open the Control Panel of your Master DNS Zone. Locate and click the "Cloud Domains" option, located between "Records Templates" and "Mail Forwards".

Step 3: Add Domains to the Cloud

Enter each domain you want to include in the white box, placing one domain name per line. Confirm the addition by clicking on “Add cloud domains”.

You are ready! The domains are added to your Cloud and they have the same records as these in your Master DNS Zone.

How to add Cloud Domains in ClouDNS - Step by Step: 

Tips and Best Practices

  • Review Regularly: Ensure the master domain’s DNS records are current and accurate to avoid unintended changes across your cloud domains.
  • Enhance Security: Secure the master domain thoroughly, as it influences the DNS settings of all connected cloud domains.
  • DNS Checks: Utilize DNS monitoring to ensure that your DNS configuration does not contain common errors or vulnerabilities.

Last modified: 2024-03-28
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