Bulk SOA Update

With this script you can update the SOA information for all your zones. The script can be downloaded from here.


First thing you have to do after download it, is to setup your authentication parameters:

// Auth ID and Password
define("AUTH_ID", 0);
define("AUTH_PASS", "xxx");

AUTH_ID should be your API user ID and AUTH_PASS should be the password of your API user. For example, if your API ID is 190, instead 0 you have to type 190.

The second part of the script allows you to edit the SOA setting, which will be updated for all of your zones:

$soa = array(
'primary-ns' => 'pns1.cloudns.net',
'admin-mail' => 'support@cloudns.net',
'refresh' => 7200,
'retry' => 1800,
'expire' => 1209600,
'default-ttl' => 3600,

That is all you need to modify. There is no need to change anything else.


When you are ready with your configuration, you can run the script with the following command:

php bulk-soa-update.php


The script output will show you the count of the zones that are updated and also the count of the failed updates.

Last modified: 2019-02-21
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