Dynamic DNS with multiple network interfaces

1. Create an A or AAAA record and click on the double arrows icon.

2. A page will pop-up with the Dynamic URL of that particular A or AAAA record and some example scripts you can use with crontab.

3. Copy the URL from the first field

4. You can select which ethernet interface will be updating. If the interfaces are for example eth0 and eth1, you can set up Dynamic URL as follow:

curl --interface eth0 "Dynamic URL"
curl --interface eth1 "Dynamic URL"

 where the Dynamic URL is the URL that you have copied.

5. Open Terminal (if needed) and type the command "$ crontab -e". It will open your user's crontab. If it asks you to choose between several text editors choose one (we suggest you to use nano) and hit Enter. The crontab will open and you will be able to add a cron job.

crontab -e

write a line as follow:

minute hour day-of-month month day-of-week command

for example if you want to run curl every 10 minutes use:

*/10 * * * * curl --interface eth1 "Dynamic URL" > /dev/null

6. Save it with "CTRL+X". Press the "Y" button on your keyboard and then Enter.

How to set up Dynamic DNS for multiple interfaces - Step by Step:

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Last modified: 2021-07-05
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