How to install SSL certificate in WHM/cPanel

Required steps

In order to install an SSL certificate to WHM/cPanel, there are a few simple steps you have to follow.

1. Login to the cPanel 'Control Panel'

2. Click SSL/TLS Manager under the Security section.

3. Click on Generate, view, upload or delete SSL Certificates in the 'Certificates' section.

4. Import Domain/End Entity Certificate.

a. Copy and Paste the contents of 'yourDomainName.crt' into the text box labeled 'Paste the crt below' in the 'Upload a New Certificate' section.
- or -
b. Click 'Browse' and navigate to 'yourDomainName.crt' and then click 'Upload'.

5. Click Go Back.

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Return to SSL Manager.

7. Click on Setup a SSL Certificate to work with your site.

8. Select the domain you are using from the Domain drop-down menu. The system will attempt to fetch the SSL Certificate and Private Key for you.

Note: You do have the option to copy and paste these files into their appropriate boxes at this time.

9. In the box labeled CA Bundle, paste the contents of the CA Bundle file that was provided.

Note: If you did not receive a ca-bundle file, you may download one from our Root & Intermediate Certificates section of our Downloads area. Please download the one that corresponds to the certificate that you have. If you are unsure, please contact support.

10. Click on Install Certificate.

The certificate is now added to your server and assigned to the domain.

Single SSL on multiple servers

These days it often happens to have multiple web servers for a single web page. If this is your case, you do not have to buy an SSL certificate for each server. You can use one single SSL certificate for all of them. To do it, you have to install the Private Key from the web server, on which CSR was generated and the certificates sent by Comodo on each web server. Have in mind, that if you are using Wildcard SSL certificate, the CSR must be generated with Wildcard. For example, if you will generate a CSR for Wildcard SSL certificate for domain name, the CSR must be generated for *
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