Dynamic DNS Notifications

It's possible for you to be notified for each Dynamic IP change of your "A/AAAA" record(s).

To apply that feature, you need to enable the Dynamic DNS for the relevant "A/AAAA" record(s) first. How to do that? On every A and AAAA record, you will see an icon with two arrows. When you click on them you will see the DynamicURL for this record.

This DynamicURL is required for your Dynamic DNS configuration. All you need to do now, is to include &notify=1 at the end of your Dynamic URL string when you are configuring your DDNS settings.

For instance, the “wget” command for dynamic updates of your record(s) should look as follows:

wget -q --read-timeout=0.0 --waitretry=5 --tries=400 --background https://dev.cloudns.net/api/dynamicURL/?q=your-string-here&notify=1

With this parameter included, you will receive an email message each time when the IP address of the "A/AAAA" record is changed.

How to enable Dynamic DNS notifications - Step by Step:

Last modified: 2021-07-05
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