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DDOS Protected DNS







DNS servers: [?] 4141414
DNS zones: [?] 340100500
DNS Records: [?] UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Mail forwards: [?] 32005005,000
Domain parking: [?] yesyesyesyes
Secondary zones: [?] noyesyesyes
Zone transfers: [?] noyesyesyes
Reverse DNS zones: [?] noyesyesyes
Cloud/Bulk zones: [?] noyesyesyes
Dynamic DNS: [?] yesyesyesyes
TTL management per record: [?] noyesyesyes
SOA domain settings: [?] noyesyesyes
DNS branding: [?] noyesyesyes
Yearly, monthly and daily statistics: [?] yesyesyesyes
Hourly statistics: [?] noyesyesyes
Web redirects: [?] yesyesyesyes
Web redirects with frames: [?] noyesyesyes
HTTP API access: [?] noyesyesyes
Uptime SLA: [?] no1,000%1,000%1,000%
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