Zone shares

What are Zone shares?

At ClouDNS, you are able to share specific DNS zones to other customers. This way, the ones which have access to it, will be able to edit, create and delete records in this DNS zone. It is suitable, if you would like to allow a user to manage specific DNS zones, without providing the ownership permissions.

How to setup?

You can share a DNS zone, by click on "Share this zone" from your Dashboard and type in the e-mail address of the account that you would like to share the zone with. Another way to do it is to click on the DNS zone that you would like to share. Then, from the DNS zone management page, click on "Zone shares" and type the e-mail address. This option is available for all types of DNS zones. There is no limit on shared DNS zones - free account can manage as many DNS zones, as shared with it.

How to Share Zone in ClouDNS - Step by Step:

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Issue 1: Unable to Share DNS Zone

Solution: Ensure that the email address you are sharing with is associated with an active ClouDNS account. Verify the email address for any typos and confirm that the recipient has a ClouDNS account.

Issue 2: Shared Zones Not Showing Up in Recipient's Account

Solution: Ensure that the recipient is logged into the correct ClouDNS account. Sometimes, users may have multiple accounts and might be logged into the wrong one. If the problem continues, it could be a synchronization issue, and it's recommended to wait a few minutes or contact ClouDNS support.

Issue 3: Changes Not Reflecting Immediately

Solution: DNS changes may take time to propagate. Advise shared users to wait for a while and then check again. If the issue persists, verify the changes were saved correctly and clear the local DNS cache.


Question: How many DNS zones can I share with one account?

Answer: There is no limit to the number of DNS zones you can share with an account. However, for organizational and security purposes, it's advisable to share only what is necessary.

Question: Can I revoke access to a shared DNS zone?

Answer: Yes, you can revoke access at any time. Simply go to the 'Zone shares' section and remove the user's access.

Question: Are there any security risks involved in sharing DNS zones?

Answer: Sharing DNS zones can pose security risks if not managed properly. Always share with trusted users and monitor shared zones regularly for any unauthorized changes.

Last modified: 2024-02-13
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