Dedicated IPs

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

When you subscribe to some of our DNS hosting packages, you gain access to different name servers. Most of them are part of our Anycast network, except for Private DNS products. These name servers have shared IP addresses and are used by many customers. If you would like to have your own DNS server, like Private DNS, you will not have access to our Anycast network. This is why we have created the Dedicated IP addon. This way, you can have any subscription that is using our Anycast network combined with Dedicated IP addresses, PTR records and custom names.

How to use Dedicated IP DNS?

Name servers with Dedicated IP addresses are used for a full white-label (Vanity DNS) service, with custom server names and PTR records and only your DNS zones will be using these IP addresses. Once activated, you can use them as any other name servers.

Any further configuration?

To apply those name servers you need to configure a proper Branding setup to your DNS. Click here to access our guide regarding this matter, or ask our support operators for assistance.

How to order?

Dedicated IP addresses are Addon to our Premium DNSDDoS Protected DNS, and GeoDNS subscriptions. Once you have an active Premium, DDoS Protected, or GeoDNS subscription at ClouDNS, please contact us for further assistance.

And what about the price?

Dedicated IPs add-on costs $25.00 USD per month. It equips your subscription additionally with 4 IPv4 + 4 IPv6 Dedicated Anycast IP addresses with custom server names and PTRs for full white-label (vanity DNS) service.

How can I cancel it?

In order for our Dedicated IPs addon to be canceled, you must contact our support operators and they will forward your request to our Admins. Please, bear in mind, once canceled, those IPs will be no longer available to you. To avoid any downtime, we highly advise you to update the IPs for your custom name servers with the basic available name servers before requesting the cancellation. You can see them at the right-hand side of your Dashboard page. IP addresses must be updated with the glue records at your domain registrar as well as with the "A" records for your custom name servers in your DNS zone.

ClouDNS's Dedicated IP Locations

ClouDNS's Anycast DNS network leverages more than 50 strategically placed Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide, offering dedicated IP locations to ensure optimal latency and redundancy for DNS queries. This extensive network spans six continents, including key cities in Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa, and Oceania. Anycast routing technology directs user requests to the nearest or most efficient PoP, thereby minimizing response times and enhancing overall service reliability. The integration of dedicated IPs within this infrastructure not only boosts security and traffic management capabilities but also facilitates seamless, real-time synchronization of DNS settings across the entire network, catering to the technical demands of modern digital ecosystems.


Question: How does a dedicated IP differ from a shared IP?

Answer: A dedicated IP is exclusively used by the customer's domain names and only by that customer. Furthermore, they have better branding since the Reverse DNS for them will be with the branded server names. A shared IP, on the other hand, serves multiple domains, which can lead to mixed traffic, potentially affecting performance and security due to shared vulnerabilities.

Question: Why would I need a dedicated IP address?

Answer: A dedicated IP address is crucial for ensuring reliable and secure DNS query resolutions, particularly for high-traffic websites or those requiring stringent security measures. It isolates your DNS traffic, reducing the risk of DDoS attacks and other security threats common to shared IPs, and improves the consistency of DNS performance by avoiding the congestion issues that can affect shared resources.

Question: Why choose a dedicated IP over a private DNS server?

Answer: Dedicated IPs serve as a cost-effective alternative to private DNS servers, offering similar benefits in terms of domain reputation and direct access to your site without the need for a full private DNS infrastructure. With Dedicated IP addresses, you receive full branding, isolation from the rest of the users (shared IPs), and use anycast DNS network that boosts your speed, security, and redundancy! 

Last modified: 2024-02-06
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