DNS Zones

What is DNS zone?

Every domain name, which is a part of the DNS system, has several DNS settings, also known as DNS records. In order for these DNS records to be kept in order, the DNS zone was created. It contains all the records and settings (e.g SOA) of a domain name. Every domain name has one or more DNS zones, delegated to a specific DNS management host/service. They could use different configurations - one Master DNS zone at ClouDNS or one Master DNS zone at ClouDNS and one Slave/Backup DNS zone at a different DNS provider or vice versa, etc.

DNS zone file

A DNS zone file is a key element in the Domain Name System, stored as a text file. It meticulously catalogs essential DNS records for a domain, including A, PTR, MX, CNAME records, etc. These records are fundamental in converting domain names into IP addresses. Additionally, the zone file is instrumental in the efficient management of various domain-related settings.

What DNS zone transfer and zone file are?

Here you can find information regarding:

Last modified: 2024-01-31
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