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How to choose the best DNS for my business?

Choosing the best DNS for your business involves guaranteeing that your online presence will be handled in the most convenient way! Make sure to consider all of the needs and requirements that your website and your business have! Let’s explain a little bit more about DNS and also help you make the right decision when choosing the best DNS service!

Domain Name System explained

The Domain Name System, or simply for short, DNS, is a decentralized and hierarchically organized naming system that serves to translate human-understandable domain names into machines understanding IP addresses. It is one of the foundations of the global network – the Internet.

The process is performed completely in the background, and regular users don’t even notice it. However, every time a user writes a domain name in its browser address bar, a DNS query is initiated, and a search for the corresponding IP address is triggered. A Recursive DNS server is the one responsible for seeking the information. It has to query the root server, TLD (Top-Level Domain) server, and the Authoritative DNS server of the precise domain name until the requested information is found. Once that is complete, the Recursive DNS server gets back to the browser, and it can connect and load the desired website. 

Without the Domain Name System (DNS), the process would be way more complex and slow. Users would have to remember each website’s IP address in order to connect to it successfully. You can imagine how difficult that would be. IP addresses are long strings of numbers that machines and servers use to communicate with each other, yet for us humans, domain names are the more suitable and easy-to-understand option. That is why the development of the Domain Name System (DNS) has improved the usage of the Internet numerous times! 

When it comes to choosing the best DNS service for your business, you should be aware of the different available alternatives, so your domain performs just the way you desire. 

Which is the best DNS for me?

The best DNS is the one that suits your domain name needs the most. Some businesses with an online presence require more, for instance, large e-commerce websites, and others, like small personal blogs, don’t need as many resources and features. The best DNS service is, in most cases, the key to excellent performance, fast and reliable DNS resolution, great uptime, improved security, and many more. The trick is to understand which is the best DNS for precise needs and, after that, to implement it! 

So now, let’s explain a little bit more about the different DNS services that are available and how they can benefit your company, also which of them are most suitable depending on the scale and requirements! 

Free DNS

Free DNS is the best DNS for small start-ups, personal blogs, and other businesses that do not require a lot of resources. The amount of monthly DNS queries is not so massive, and the traffic demand is low. It is amazing for anyone that is just starting their journey with 

Free DNS service gives your domain name the ability to be visible on the Internet. It provides a simple and basic DNS infrastructure that gives the opportunity to your users to access and explore your website.

You can create, modify and delete different DNS records, like A record, AAAA record, MX record, and more. Additionally, this service is very beneficial if you want to implement Dynamic DNS.

Everybody needs a starting point. Free DNS could help you boost your business and get ready for the next step.

Premium DNS

Premium DNS offers amazing advanced features and is the best DNS solution for any sized website. However, small and medium businesses with an online presence mostly prefer this DNS service. The great thing about it is that it offers scalability thanks to the different Premium DNS plans. That means you can quickly adapt to any situation. For example, if your traffic demands become higher, you can go one level up and get a larger plan.

Premium DNS is offering more of everything. You can take advantage of the increased number of DNS servers and DNS zones and guarantee the most optimal traffic management of your domain name. In addition, you will have access to more advanced features like Anycast DNS, Secondary DNS, DNSSEC, DNS Failover, Reverse DNS, and more. As a positive result, you will receive better uptime, improved security, and an improvement in the loading speed.

These plans are a perfect opportunity for any type of website that has more than a few monthly visitors. Organizations that especially are not able to experience any downtime should implement a professional Premium DNS plan.

DDoS Protected DNS 

DDoS Protected DNS is the best DNS solution for everyone that wants to enhance their security and prepare if any incoming threats appear toward their DNS. This service is going to guarantee excellent performance of the domain name even in case a DDoS attack is initiated. 

The additional DNS service combines various tools and techniques to examine the traffic and prevent DDoS attacks. Cybercriminals initiate DDoS attacks by forming massive amounts of malicious traffic. Their main goal is to overwhelm the servers of their victim. As a result, the service or website of the victim becomes unable to function, which means it is also not capable of answering the DNS requests of regular users. When that happens, the victim experiences financial and reputational losses.

As we mentioned, the best DNS, in that case, is a DDoS Protected DNS service, which will resist and stop these cyber threats from happening by load balancing through DNS servers, filtering, Monitoring, and DNS Failover. It is a preventive solution that is more affordable rather than dealing with the after-effects of a DDoS attack.


GeoDNS is the best DNS choice for organizations with a global presence and for companies that provide content worldwide and want to build their custom CDN (Content Delivery Network). The name servers are positioned strategically in numerous locations (regions, countries, continents) all over the world, which totally meets the requirements of these large companies.

GeoDNS (Geographical Domain Name System) involves a traffic distribution process that depends on the location of the DNS requests. 

As you know, the complex process of DNS resolution is triggered when a user requests a precise domain. It should be quick and served successfully just for a few seconds. Using GeoDNS, the Recursive DNS server responsible for finding the needed information reads the user’s IP address to understand its location. Once it understands from where the request is made, it will be sent to the nearest server for the answer.  

The main difference between a standard DNS service and GeoDNS is that the standard DNS servers hold the same IP address for the domain. But, on the other hand, with GeoDNS, the servers hold different IP addresses based on the location. That is the way it boosts the speed and improves performance!

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Factors to consider when choosing DNS

When deciding on the best DNS service for your business, consider these important factors:

Traffic Volume:

Begin by evaluating the volume of traffic your website receives regularly. High-traffic websites may benefit from DNS services like Premium DNS, DDoS Protected DNS or GeoDNS, which can ensure swift and responsive performance even during traffic spikes.

Security Needs:

Consider the nature of your business and whether you handle sensitive data. If security is a top priority or if your industry is susceptible to cyber threats, DNS services such as DDoS Protected DNS will provide an added layer of security to protect your online assets.


It’s vital to choose a DNS solution that can scale as your business grows. Premium DNS services offer scalability features that allow you to accommodate increasing levels of traffic and ensure a seamless user experience

Geographical Reach:

If your business operates on a global scale, consider DNS services like GeoDNS that optimize website performance by directing users to the nearest server. This is particularly valuable for companies with an international audience.

Technical Support:

Technical support is a crucial aspect to consider. All of our ClouDNS services reinforce live chat technical support. This is invaluable in addressing issues, resolving challenges, and maintaining the smooth operation of your DNS infrastructure.


As you now understand, there is no universal solution for the best DNS. There are many factors that should be considered, and depending on your website’s needs, only you can make the decision and choose the most suitable option for you.

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