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DNS best practices

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What is Traffic Director?

Load balancing • One Comment

Do you want to give your users the best possible performance? The Traffic Director can help you to do that! With it, you can direct DNS...

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Why media can’t live without CDN


Do you remember the time when we were reading the news in a printed newspaper and we were going to a video store to rent a VHS? The things...

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How to create your own CDN using DNS

DNS, Load balancing

A CDN – Content Delivery Network is responsible for the content delivery. We all interact with CDNs on a daily basis – when we...

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HTTP flood attack – What is it and How to prevent it?


In a world where an online presence is crucial, an HTTP flood attack poses a significant threat, overwhelming websites with an onslaught of...

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What is Load Balancing?

DNS, Load balancing • One Comment

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How to choose the best DNS for my business?


Choosing the best DNS for your business involves guaranteeing that your online presence will be handled in the most convenient way! Make...

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DNS load balancing vs. Hardware load balancing

Load balancing

DNS load balancing and hardware load balancing are two different methods for distributing traffic effectively among servers. They help in...

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