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8 DNS tools for testing your servers

You are already a DNS user, and your server or website works great when you visit it from your computer. But that is not enough. You want to be sure that the DNS works great all around the world. For example, your primary server is in the US, but you want to see if there is not too much latency in Singapore, what should you do? Or you want to compare with your rivals, to know which is their provider and how well is it performing? There are many DNS tools that you can easily use for free, to check your DNS servers and to see if everything is working well. Each of these tools has slightly different functionality, just follow us, and we will explain to you what are they good for.



This one is very fast and easy to use. You just write down the domain name and click audit.

You will get a handy report including observations and recommendations, and you can download it in a PDF format.

First, you will see the nameservers listed at the parent server.

NS records, they are used to delegate a subdomain to the different name servers. You can check if all of the name servers are synchronized.

SOA record (start of authority). It will bounce back to all the nameservers and compare the results. It shows the master nameserver, who is administrating it, timestamp, time before a refreshing and limit for the refreshing time.

A record distribution by location. Showing the IPs for different locations and response time. Less time is better.

Speed. It shows an average response time. If the time is too long, it will recommend you to use Anycast DNS to boost the performance.

DNS Stuff


It has complicated interface. It includes the same functions as the previous tool, but also adds few more like lookup the email exchange server MX, MAIL, SPF, and DNSSEC, and reverse DNS lookups (you can find the hostname/domain by writing the IP). We recommend it for more advanced users and network administrators.

TurboBytes Pulse


TurboBytes Pulse enables you to collect DNS, HTTP and Traceroute responses from many computers around the world.

Pingdom DNS Test


This one has two faces, the basic view, and the advanced view. You can check for problems in the first, and if there are, you can see what exactly they are in the second view.

CA DNS Analysis


It gives all the basic DNS information but adds value by providing you performance report from many different locations around the world. It can be beneficial if you have international business.

Into DNS


It is very fast, and it has similar information like the others, the only disadvantage is that it lags the function to generate a PDF report.

Check Host


It does what it says; you can perform a DNS lookup of different hosts. You can see the response time (ping) for various locations.

View DNS


You can view a complete report on the DNS settings for your domain. A number of tests are run on your DNS settings with results displayed in an easy to understand manner.

You can use any of these DNS tools to check your DNS performance and one of your competitors.

The best way to keep ahead of them is by using a trusted DNS provider.

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