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Domain parking. What is it and why does it exist?

Putting your domain on hold, that is what domain parking is. You don’t direct it to a hosting service. Instead, you use the domain parking service of your domain register. You don’t use your domain name currently, for whatever reason, but you want it to show a simple message from a basic HTML page. The message could be that the site is under construction, your contact detail for people who might want to buy the domain or ads that will make you profit.

Why and when to use Domain parking?

  • Site under constriction

You could have a brilliant idea for a website. You have the whole concept in your mind, but you don’t have enough time to start it now. You can simply buy the domain with the perfect name for your site and park it. It will be waiting for you until you have time to really start it.

  • Domain flipping

There are many people who trade domain names. The process is called Domain flipping. They buy many domain names and don’t create websites. They make a portfolio of different domain names and sell them. In this situation, people use the Domain parking to put their contact information for potential buyers.

  • Ads

Some services are available that allow users to create an HTML page with various ads. Users who browse the internet can visit the domain name and think it is a complete site, but actually, it is just a shell with many ads. This can provide a static income to the owner of the domain.

How does Domain parking work?

  1. Registering the domain: It all starts with securing a domain name. Investors often choose domain names based on popular keywords, brandable phrases, or potential future business ideas.
  2. Choosing a Domain parking service: There are numerous Domain parking services available. When you park your domain with such a service, they’ll typically provide a default landing page filled with contextual advertisements. 
  3. Earning revenue: When visitors click on the advertisements displayed on your parked domain, you earn a share of the revenue generated from those clicks. The type of ads and the amount you earn can vary based on the parking service you choose and the relevance of your domain name to popular search terms.
  4. Selling the domain: If your goal is to sell the domain, you can list a price or set up a contact form for potential buyers to make an offer. Many Domain parking services offer brokerage or listing services to facilitate domain sales.

Alternative to the Domain parking

There an alternative to the Domain parking service which are as follow:

  • Web Hosting: Investing in web hosting allows for a customized HTML landing page, offering more flexibility in design but with added costs.
  • Domain Forwarding: An effective method for businesses with multiple domains, domain forwarding redirects visitors from one domain to an existing webpage, streamlining user experience.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Domain renewal: Just because your domain is parked doesn’t mean you can forget about it. Make sure to renew your domain registration to prevent losing it.
  • Traffic is key: The success of a parked domain, especially for monetization, largely depends on the amount of organic traffic it receives. Domains that are typo variations of popular sites, or those with popular keywords, generally see more success.
  • Choose the right service: Different domain parking services offer varying revenue-sharing models and display different types of ads. It’s essential to research and choose the one that aligns with your goals.
  • SEO implications: If you’re considering transitioning a parked domain to a live site, remember that a domain with a long history of being parked might initially face challenges in search engine rankings.

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Domain parking and ClouDNS

ClouDNS isn’t just another domain registration platform. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive suite of services tailored to cater to both newcomers and seasoned webmasters alike. One of our standout offerings is our intuitive Domain parking feature. This ensures that every domain you secure or transfer to us is optimally utilized.

How to transfer your domain name?

Whether you’re keen on broadcasting an “under construction” message or advertising with a “domain for sale” tag, we’re here to make that experience as smooth as possible. Moreover, with our Free DNS service at your disposal, managing your domain’s online presence has never been easier.

Thinking of diversifying your domain portfolio? Dive into the extensive range of top-level domains available on our Domain names list page.


In conclusion, Domain parking is a practice where domain owners reserve their domain name on the internet, put it on hold or use it for generating ad revenue. This is typically done by individuals or businesses who either want to secure a domain name for future use, are interested in reselling, or aim to monetize on ad revenues from parked domains. While it does have its benefits in terms of cost-saving, revenue generation and domain name security, domain owners need to be mindful of domain renewal and the chosen parking services.

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