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Speed up WordPress with CDN

WordPress has taken the internet by storm. It is the most commonly used CMS (content management system) out there. Plenty of people are using it. With this popularity, the competition is fears. There are a lot of speed up WordPress optimizations that you can do from within, like using a barebone theme, optimizing the content or using caching plugins but all of that request that you have SEO knowledge. You can speed up your WordPress from outside by using CDN (content delivery system).

What is CDN?

CDN is a content delivery system that you can get with GeoDNS. It uses many PoPs (points of presence) around the globe, where the data of your website is cached. When a visitor wants to see your site, he or she will be redirected to the closest PoP near him or he will get the data from that server there. This saves a lot of time because his or her request won’t go to the original hosting server, but rather to the one near him. This can increase the speed significantly. For example, your website is hosted in an Asian hosting but an American is trying to visit it, then the American won’t need to get the data from Asia, he will be redirected to a server near in the United States.

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The advantages of CDN

  • Boost the speed. Obviously, the shorter distance that the requests from your visitors will do, makes them load the pages faster. The speed is significant, so even with a heave WordPress there, it will still load normally.
  • SEO! You will get better ranking on Google thanks to the less loading time.
  • Load Balance. Your WordPress website is getting more popular and you are experiencing more traffic? Don’t worry, with CDN you can redirect the traffic and spread it around through the different PoPs.
  • Reduces the bandwidth. Coming from the previous point, it also helps you with the limited bandwidth that web host services provide.
  • Protection. It adds an extra level of protection against DDoS attacks by load balancing. This will lead to less downtime for your site.


Using a content delivery system for your WordPress site is an easy external way to speed up your site. You can combine it with internal optimization and get an excellent result. If you want to start using CDN, you can check our GeoDNS. Look at the different options and choose the best for you according to the size and traffic of your site.

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