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What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)?


Everybody uses CDN (Content Delivery Network). YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and many others are applying it on a massive world scale so you can...

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How to create your own CDN using DNS

DNS, Load balancing

A CDN – Content Delivery Network is responsible for the content delivery. We all interact with CDNs on a daily basis – when we...

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What is Load Balancing?

DNS, Load balancing • One Comment

Only an incredible technique like Load balancing can help you improve your performance, optimize your website, provide redundancy, and...

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Can we use free DNS? Free DNS vs. Premium

DNS • One Comment

If you are searching for free DNS, you know what DNS is and for what it serves. The DNS will resolve your domain name. If you have more DNS...

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DNS load balancing vs. Hardware load balancing

Load balancing

DNS load balancing and hardware load balancing are two different methods for distributing traffic effectively among servers. They help in...

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What is Traffic Director?

Load balancing • One Comment

Do you want to give your users the best possible performance? The Traffic Director can help you to do that! With it, you can direct DNS...

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