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What is GeoDNS and how does it work?

Latency is one of our biggest enemies on the Internet. If a visitor needs to wait a long time for their result, they can get angry and leave the page. Not satisfied visitors means fewer sales and fewer chances to get them back. Luckily there is a service that can help you reduce the latency dramatically, and it is called GeoDNS

What is GeoDNS?

Between the request of a visitor and the response of the authoritative nameserver, there is a long way. That is especially true if the server is on another continent. What we can do to improve this process is to provide more nameservers, closer to the users, and have a system that redirects queries to the closest server. A smart load balancing mechanism that can locate the origin of the queries.

GeoDNS is a such a system that provides strategically located name servers on different continents and a process of distributing the traffic based on the locations of the queries. 

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How does GeoDNS work?

When a user sends a query, a DNS server will analyze it, reading the IP. Based on this information, the query will be sent to the closest nameserver. This will reduce the waiting time significantly. 

Contrary to another popular solution called Anycast, the GeoDNS will provide distinct answers based on the IP of the user. Anycast is great, but GeoDNS is one step greater. 

Imagine this. You have servers in the USA, in Germany, and in India. A visitor from Italy will get the answer to its request from Germany. A Canadian will get it from the American server and a Chinese from the Indian. The traffic will be optimized for speed and load balancing.  

Who needs GeoDNS?

Anybody can feel the benefits of GeoDNS, but who exactly can get the most out of it? 

It is for global sites that will have traffic from different countries and substantial traffic: companies that need 100% uptime and low latency. 

E-commerce platforms that don’t want to miss a sale, Content companies, who needs a CDN network for fast content delivery on a global scale; Banking and Fintech companies with international clients, and more. 

It is for those of you that need to provide an excellent service on a global scale and don’t want to compromise. 

GeoDNS by ClouDNS 

Cloudns.net has 10 years of experience, providing excellent DNS services. There are plenty of reasons to give on GeoDNS service a try:

Many servers where you need them

We have multiple points of presence in different countries. 50+ Anycast locations and 4 Anycast GeoDNS servers for fast DNS resolving.  

Targeting options

Our GeoDNS has multi geological options for targeting. You can select a whole continent, countries, or regions in the US or Canada. 


For high accuracy, we use eDNS-client-subnet. The IPs have an extra suffix showing the location of the user. That way, we know where the visitor is coming, not just the DNS resolver he or she is using.  

DDoS Protection

Another great benefit is the DDoS protection. Stay up, even during a strong DDoS attack, and don’t lose sales. 


Cloudns.net’s solution is cost-effective and won’t overcharge you for a spike in your traffic. 

If you want to try GeoDNS, you can check our offers, starting from less than 10 dollars per month. Find the best plan for your individual needs. If you have any doubts or questions, can write to our Sales Team with any questing that you have in mind. We will be happy to assist you. 

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