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Why should you implement Managed DNS in your hosting company?

Are you a hosting provider who is searching for new ways to improve the user experience? The competition always looks like they are one step ahead and you struggle to keep up. You can’t afford to renew your equipment so often, so you are looking for another option.
Have you checked the possibility to implement Managed DNS in your hosting company?
Not yet!? Let us show you why this could be an excellent chance for you.

By choosing to cooperate with a Managed DNS provider like us, you can take advantage of a vast DNS network with many points of presence. You will provide a faster service and more secure too. Increase the redundancy by partnering with us.
You will be free of constantly checking your DNS servers and be worry that they might go down. Your clients will be delighted by the results.

Speed Boost

Creating hosting plans with Managed DNS will give them significant speed boost in comparison with the competition. With many servers around the globe and extra services like GeoDNS, you can handle heavy traffic from different locations. You can provide service for heavy purposes like video streaming.

Experience Industry-Leading DNS Speed with ClouDNS! 

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DDoS protected DNS

Our sizeable DNS network is very resisting to DDoS attacks. For extra security, we provide DDoS Protected DNS too. By using DDoS Protected name servers, you can lower the downtime significantly by protecting your domain name.

Cloud-based infrastructure

This gives you the possibility to monitor the DNS zones status live. Adding additional DNS is allowed easily, and it is instant. The synchronization across the points of presence happens simultaneously.

Seamless integration with hosting services

You can add Managed DNS to your hosting easily without bothering any of your core services. Your clients will just enjoy one extended service, which outperforms the rest of the hosting provider in the price range.

Customer service

Our Technical staff will quickly respond to any situation. We will help with any DNS related problem. We will help you with all your questions about the integration of our Managed DNS service with your hosting one.

Low operational cost

By creating a partnership with us, you will be able to provide DNS services without actually buying all the needed hardware. You won’t need additional servers and many more staff members to execute such a solution. This will keep your costs low but increase the value of your services.

We already have started to cooperate with different hosting providers. They have seen significant performance improvement at a very affordable price. ClouDNS.net would like to continue building such relationship that benefits both parties. Please contact us to learn more how you can implement Managed DNS in your own company.

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