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EV SSL, the Extended Validation Certificate that beats the rest

The extended validation SSL certificate (EV SSL) is the top-level of the SSL certificate bunch. It adds extra protection on top of the commonly-used domain validated certificate (DV SSL) and a bit better organization validated one (OV SSL). It is the best choice for an e-commerce platform or financial institutions. 

What is an SSL certificate? 

The letters SSL significate Secure Socket Layer. It is a specific cryptographic protocol that is used to secure communication. All the passing data gets encrypted. That encryption can be up to 256-bit for excellent protection. 

The idea is not to have sensitive data exposed in public. The SSL uses two keys, public and private, to verify the information. 

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The OV and DV certificates

A domain-validated certificate is a popular choice, and it outnumbers the rest. It is the cheapest, and it validated only the domain name. The certification authority (CA) that issues it checks your e-mail and the one listed on the WHOIS record. After the verification, the CA provides a verification file that the owner can put on their site. 

The organization validated one has extra steps for verification. It requires business data such as the name, address, telephone number, and that gives additional trust for the consumers. It is often used by government organizations. 

The EV certificate

The extended validation is the best way to show your visitors or users of your products that you and your site or application can be trusted. To get an EV SSL, there are more steps to be passed, but this will guarantee authenticity better. The goal of it is to give extra credentials to business organizations and to help end-users evade phishing attacks by clearly showing which site or application can be trusted. 

Who uses it?

Many big brands use this certificate to provide the maximum level of security for their users. 

https://Apple.com/ A well-known brand for consumer electronics. As a premium brand, they have decided to go with it give that extra value to their customers. 

https://medium.com/ Medium is a premium news site for interesting news from around the world. It works with a subscription model, so the privacy of sensitive data like bank numbers is very important. 

https://www.mazda.com/ Mazda is a big car producer with many years of history. Just like in their cars, the safety experience for their clients is essential on their page. 

https://www.northwestern.edu/ Northwestern University. Many well-established universities choose this certification. 

https://www.nike.com/ Nike is a famous worldwide brand of shoes. It has chosen this SSL for their website. 


  • Better insurance for your visitors
  • It can improve the reputation of your company, and it can reduce the number of phishing attacks
  • Avoid data breaches. Many of the breaches happen because of a phishing attack on your employees. Stop those breaches. 
  • Cover the government requirements. Many countries, including some US states, require an EV SSL for proceeding delicate data. 
  • It is used for signing applications too. If you have it, your application won’t trigger the pop-up sign from Windows 10 when the user is trying to install it. Windows will know it is safe. 

Who should buy it?

It is for those of you that need the highest possible level of confidence for your visitors and users of your application. You can benefit from purchasing an EV SSL certificate . It is suitable for financial institutions, big e-commerce platforms, and application development, in any case where sensitive data is involved.

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