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10 years ClouDNS.net – What we have achieved?

It has been 10 years since we started ClouDNS.net! We want to thank you, all of you clients and partners that have trusted us. Together we are growing year after year. Each time we add more to our services, based on your needs and requests. 

Who is ClouDNS.net now?

ClouDNS is an international Managed DNS service provider with a great portfolio of products such as GeoDNS, Anycast DNS services, and ever so needed DDoS Protected DNS.  

Our cloud service architecture was designed for fast DNS speed and excellent redundancy. We continue to upgrade it and add extra tools such as new controls, monitors, and security features. 

Today we have 29 Anycast locations strategically chosen around the globe. More than 50 000 of you, from 186 countries on 6 continents, have selected us as their DNS provider. Thank you for your trust, and we hope we live up to your expectations! 

History of ClouDNS.net


ClouDNS was founded back in 2010, 10 years ago, in Sofia, Bulgaria. We were starting small, but with big hopes. We had servers in Europe and North America. There were 4 data centers, 4 free servers, and 1 premium. 


We continue improving, and we had 6 data centers already, and the premium servers were 3. 


In 2012 we were on a steady improvement path. The data centers were 9 already and the premium servers 6. Massive upgrade, in comparison with 2011. We also added new features and updates. We introduced the first API methods, and we started dealing with domain registrations and transfers. 


In 2013 ClouDNS paid extra attention to Asia and Australia. We added the first server in Australia and one in Asia, and we add localized version https://asia.cloudns.net/.

Data centers were already 13, premium servers 9. 


ClouDNS started providing DDoS Protected DNS service because of the growing number of DDoS attacks. We started with 4 DDoS protected servers. We increased the amount of data centers to 15, and we heavily invested in Premium servers and increased their number to 17 (from 9 in 2013).


By 2015 we got tremendous momentum, and we had many new features. We started building our Anycast network, one of our main advantages now. The number of data centers reached 20, DDoS Protected servers were more than 10, Premium more than 100, and the free servers were more than 20. For your help, we started a Wiki page with detail articles on how to use our services. 

We also added Domain Parking and started an Affiliate Program.


Our Anycast network was working already with 11 Points of Presence. 


We connected new data centers in Europe, North, and South America, and we had a presence on the 6 main continents. The Anycast PoPs reached 16, and we started our GeoDNS service. 

We also started our blog to help you with useful information related to the industry. 


Our expansion continued, and we added new data centers in the United States and India, and our Anycast PoPs reached 23. To make it easy for you, we translated our site to Chinese Simplified, Spanish, Italian, Japanese Hindi, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesia.

We added new features like DNS Failover and automatic renewals for DNS services, domains, and SSL certificates.


Last year we reached 27 Anycast PoPs, adding one in Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, and Japan and extra peer in Hong Kong Data Center. 

We started a 24/7 Live chat support, added DNSSEC feature, and new translation to Polish. 

What more can you expect from us?

We will continue to improve our services, adapting to the new industry environment. Also we are improving multi-language support for your convenience. We want to give you excellent performance at a reasonable price and add value to your business.

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