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  • 所有高级功能 - TTL管理,备用DNS,云域名,动态DNS,SOA设置和每小时统计数据
  • 无限的DNS区域。您服务器能处理多少,你就可以创建多少DNS解析域。将被全天候监控,如果达到服务器的限制,我们的团队将与您联系。我们将提供来自我们监控的详细信息(图形和日志)。
  • 无限的DNS记录。您服务器能处理多少,你就可以创建多少DNS记录。它将被全天候监控,如果达到服务器的任何限制,我们的团队将与您联系。如果您需要,我们将为您提供来自我们监控的详细信息(图形和日志)。
  • 你只需要地理位置。不要求你买10个或更多个私有DNS服务器,您可以只在客户所在的地方购买附近私有DNS服务器。
  • 您可以购买适合您需求的私有DNS服务器资源。不需要支付您用不到的技术支持,系统管理和硬件。
  • 所有的私有DNS服务器都由我们的团队管理和支持。我们系统的所有功能都将部署到您的私有服务器上。
  • 专用DNS服务器有专用的IP地址和PTR记录。它们可以用于贴牌DNS服务的转售。
  • 我们的HTTP API可用于与您的系统完全集成
  • 一个工作日交货时间

Benefits of using a Private DNS server

The Private DNS server comes with a lot of benefits, and once you start using it, you will be able to take advantage of them. So, let's briefly introduce you to the main and most important benefits that a Private DNS server provides:

Premium DNS features

With every Private DNS server, you are able to utilize all of the features available in the Premium DNS plans. For instance, you can use advanced services like Dynamic DNS, Secondary DNS, and TTL management. Moreover, your Private DNS server is going to be managed and supported by our experienced and professional system administrators. On the other hand, you can access it via our web interface, where you have the ability to manage your collection of domain names easily.

DNS records and DNS zones

The great thing about a Private DNS server is that it allows you to create and host as many DNS zones as your server can handle. So if that is one of your top requirements, you should definitely invest in such a server. Once the limit is reached, you will be notified and informed in detail. You can create numerous and various different DNS record types too. That gives you the ability to configure your DNS exactly as you want it.

Cost-effective solution

A Private DNS server is an affordable and practical decision because you pay only for resources that match your needs. You are not required to spend any extra for features that you won't actually use. Additionally, your expenses are only for Private DNS servers in locations that are near to your clients. So, that way, it perfectly fulfills your needs at a reasonable price!

Custom Private DNS service

Take advantage of all the benefits that our Anycast DNS network offers!



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